Course Takeaways!

Hello readers! With the holiday season coming up, I thought I would take some time to reflect on a course I have been taking called Strategic Presentation. Many of the blog posts on this site have come to be because of what I have learned in Strategic Presentation. I have enjoyed the course a lot, but it is coming to a close! 

There are three main things I have learned from the course that I will cherish forever:

1. Podcast production: Before strategic presentation, I had played around with LogicPro before, but I had never produced anything seriously. The course taught me a lot about what it takes to produce a podcast that is solid enough to present to a large audience. To produce the podcast I used Adobe Audition, which I learned a lot about on my own as well as because of the course. I also learned about differences in audio quality, and that I should seek to keep my audio as hi-fi as possible for my audience. 

2. Video Editing: Earlier in this blog’s history, I created a tutorial video about Pokémon Showdown. Similar to the above point, I had never done anything like it before. To produce the video, I recorded my screen using OBS, and used Adobe Premier Pro to put final touches on the video tutorial. Strategic Presentation taught me about what an audience looks for in a video tutorial, and I applied what I learned to execute on a great tutorial.

3. How to use WordPress: Yes, I learned how to use this site because of Strategic Presentation! I had never used WordPress before, and Strategic Presentation taught me a lot about the interface of WP.  The course also taught me about formatting my blog on WordPress and tools that I could use to make my blog better.

Hopefully this blog post inspires you to learn more about something you are interested in!

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